Keeping Busy in Our Care Home

At Hilgay Care Home, we provide private residential care to elderly residents and those unable to care for themselves.

We are located in Burgess Hill, located in the beautiful county of West Sussex. Our home is equipped with the latest equipment, which allows us to provide high quality private residential care to our residents. Our team of dedicated staff as highly trained to deal with all the needs of our residents. Whether it is support with eating and washing, or simply someone to talk to, we are always on hand. Our staff are a key aspect of the private residential care we provide.

If you are searching for private residential care for yourself, or a loved one, consider Hilgay Care Home! To learn more about our home, contact us today or schedule a visit and explore the home for yourself.

Alternatively, read our blogs, in which we discuss many aspects of the private residential care we provide. Today, we discuss keeping busy and entertained.

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Keepign Busy at Our Care Home

Why It’s Important to Keep Busy in Residential Care

At Hilgay Care Home, we believe that keeping busy is a crucial part of the private residential care we provide. Our residents come from all walks of life, and we believe that it is important to offer them a variety of activities and opportunities to stay busy and stimulated.

We believe that staying stimulated is important to keep our residents young at heart, and make their stay as fulfilling as possible. Furthermore, our activities encourage socialisation and communication. This contributes towards the friendly and warm environment that we are so proud of here at Hilgay. We strive to ensure that our residents feel valued and comfortable with us, as our home is their home. We believe that happy residents are a crucial part of the private residential care we provide. Therefore, we organise many activities and excursions to keep our residents happy, stimulated and excited for every day!


One of the ways we do this is by offering a wide range of activities. This includes everything from arts and crafts to gardening to quizzes and games. We also have regular social events, such as tea parties and musical performances, which give our residents the opportunity to get together and enjoy themselves. We believe that these are important because they help to keep our residents stimulated and engaged. It’s also a great way for them to make new friends.

Making friends is a key part of the private residential care we provide. For many of our residents, Hilgay is their final home, and the friends they make here will be some of their last. Therefore, we believe it is important to value the relationships made in our home. Whether it is with other residents, or members of staff, friendship and socialisation is absolutely crucial in ensuring the enjoyment of our residents. Therefore, we believe that activities in our home are a great way to do this!

We regularly schedule activities, run both by our staff, and specialists coming into the home. All of our activities are inclusive and encourage our residents to get involved, socialise, and most of all, have fun.

Tailoring Activities

We understand that some residents may not be able to get around as easily as they once could. For this reason, we have a variety of activities that can be enjoyed from within the home. These include things like arts and crafts, reading groups, and quizzes. We recognise that not everyone enjoys the same things, so we tailor our activities programme to fit each individual’s needs and interests. This is all part of the bespoke care plans that we provide as part of our private residential care. Therefore, this ensures that everyone can find something they enjoy, which helps to keep them happy and healthy.


Another way in which we keep residents busy is by scheduling trips to the surrounding area. We are truly blessed to be located in the heart of Sussex, and really make the most of it! There are so many charming villages and towns nearby, as well as beautiful parks, nature reserves and of course the seaside. We have something for everyone, and our enthusiastic team of staff make sure that everyone has a great time.

We also try to get residents out into the fresh air as often as possible. Our large gardens provide plenty of space for residents to enjoy a relaxing walk, or alternatively they can take in the sights and sounds of the local area on one of our many excursions. There’s nothing quite like a day out in the countryside!

Whether it is a large excursion to the Brighton seaside, or simply a trip to a local park, we believe that these are an excellent way to keep our residents stimulated and happy. Fresh air works wonders for mental health and keeps our residents happy and healthy. Furthermore, this allows our residents to stay involved in the local community and still see plenty of the outside world. We are very careful not to confine our residents to the home itself. As Hilgay becomes our residents’ homes, we strive to ensure they remain comfortable. This also means allowing them to leave the home and enjoy the outdoors!

Why Are Excursions Important?

All of our excursions are designed to keep our residents happy and satisfied. Furthermore, these trips make days different and avoid the chance of life becoming too repetitive for our residents. As part of the private residential care we provide at Hilgay, we ensure that our excursions can be enjoyed by all of those that stay with us.


At Hilgay, we are dedicated to making mealtimes enjoyable and exciting. Therefore, we regularly change our menu and tailor our meals and planning to each individual. This gives the opportunity for our residents to have many home cooked meals, and socialise in our dining room. This gives them yet another opportunity to stimulate the mind and socialise with those around them. This all contributes to creating our friendly community at Hilgay Care, which we believe is an important part of the private residential care we provide.

Hilgay Care Home

At Hilgay, we are dedicated to ensuring that our residents’ stays are as fulfilling and satisfying as possible. We make every effort to ensure our residents are comfortable in every sense of the word and strive to help them enjoy their stay with us. All of this comes as part of the private residential care we provide, and we believe that it is a valuable part of the experience we provide.

If you are searching for private residential care for you or a loved one, then contact us today. Our team at Hilgay will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Furthermore, you are welcome to book a visit, where our team members can show you around the home.

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